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the key word

Quality of our products is the main commitment of our company. Our objective is to deliver 100% compliant products to each customer whatever its industry field.

A strong Quality Management System (QMS), the purchase of high-quality raw material, the use of reliable equipment and a constant follow up of the production with a real professional consciousness from the production staff are the keys that allow New Microfil to guarantee a finished product of perfect quality.

Quality Management System

For many years we have implemented a strong Quality Management System (QMS) that defines and formalizes processes, procedures and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. In 2020, we took the decision to go through a certification process and we have been rewarded early in 2021 by obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

It confirms that our QMS meets international standards but it is also a commitment of our company to maintain the level of satisfaction of our customers for the future by improving effectiveness and efficiency of our system on a continuous basis.

High quality
raw material

We are aware that the quality of our products depends also of the quality of our suppliers. In 30 years, we have developed a strong professional network with preferred suppliers who are evaluated continuously in terms of quality, lead time delivery and efficiency.

Reliable equipment

We work with reliable machines which are subject to a permanent maintenance to ensure an optimal management of the productions. Besides, the in-house machine tools shop and a substantial stock of spare parts permit to react very quickly for most of the interventions.

follow up
of the production

New Microfil have a wide choice of measuring, inspection and test equipment to follow all the specifications of the components during production. A continuous maintenance of this equipment, written procedures of control and a strong training of a trust and clever production staff permit to guarantee the conformity of the products.

from the supply to the delivery

As New Microfil is in the sector of aeronautic industry for many years, a strict traceability from the supply of the raw material to the delivery of the final products has been generalised for many years to all of its productions. All the records such as COA, COC, control sheet,... are saved and can be consulted several years later if necessary.

for the environment

New Microfil is also committed in the safeguard of its environment.
Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact threw several specific measures.

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels which permit to cover more than 30% of our electrical consumption in a year.
  • Diminution of our energy consumption by using the calorific power extracted from the refreshed air of our compressor. It permits to heat the workshop all the winter without any other calorific sources.
  • Sorting and recycling of paper, cardboard, wood, waste oil, waste raw material,…
  • Take all measures to prevent any pollution.

In addition, we can also say that in many cases, the process of cold forming itself is friendly environmentally compare with other solutions because of :

  • The substantial raw material savings by using less material than other technologies to produce the same part. The benefit for the environment is twice because if we need less raw material, it means that the quantity of waste is lower, decreasing also the impact of the recycling.
  • The adjunction of lead in the material is not necessary for cold forming. It allows to use lead free alloys meeting the RoHS directive adopted by the European Union.
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